• What's the maximum size of file I can upload?

The maximum size of file that you can upload to convert/compress/etc. is 5MB.


  • How long will it take to process my file?

Once your file is done uploading with us, the processing of the file will take maximum of 5 minutes; not more than that.


  • Why is my file taking so long to upload or download?

Depending on the amount of activity on our site at the time, you may take sometimes less time or sometimes more time to upload or download the files. But in most cases, issues like these are due to insufficient speed offered by the internet provider. So, checking that first should be your concern. If the problem still exists, then please contact us through our contact form, with details of the problem.


  • The download does not start or I'm unable to find the converted file.

All converted files are treated as file downloads. Therefore they are usually saved in the predefined download folder automatically. This folder depends on your browser settings. By default, it's located at "C:\User\YourName\Downloads".


  • Why is your page/link not working?

Sorry for the trouble from the whole Best Tool Site team. Please report the page/link at our “Report Links” page to help us make our website error-free and in the future, you can use our tools without any hassle.


  • Is My Web Tools really for free?

Yes, of course. All services of My Web Tools are completely free of charge.


  • I have another problem.

If you have another problem or a question, which is not been answered yet, feel free to write us in the “Contact” Section. You will get an answer within a few hours.

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